Konjac Sponge Review

Hey! I hope you're all having a wonderful day! I was delighted to receive the Christmas Konjac sponge pore refiner from Konjac a few weeks ago. I have really enjoyed trying out this product and using it regularly. Konjac kindly sent me a lovely little note too which you can see in the photo above... Continue Reading →

Skin Wash Review

Hi, I was sent from KLM beauty. I've been trying this product out for the past while and I have really enjoyed using it. It is so different from any other skin wash that I have used before. The skin wash itself has a very thin consistency and smells like teatree. It forms a quick... Continue Reading →

The Wonderful Willow and Wild

So for an early birthday treat my friends from college treated me to lunch at Willow and Wild for my birthday. Willow and Wild have been open since September and after hearing a lot of good things about it was excited to go check it out. The staff there were very friendly and helpful. There... Continue Reading →

My 5 Autumn Faves

Hey there, I've seen so many great posts, photos and tweets about Autumn and I decided to embrace my love of Autumn by writing a post all about it. There is so much to love about Autumn.   Nights by the fire Autumn is a wonderful season to spend evenings with a cosy throw wrapped... Continue Reading →

Pot Love Review

Hi, When I received an email from Jennifer Mariston wondering if I was interested in writing a review about the book Pot Love I jumped at the chance. Jennifer sent me a copy of Pot Love on kindle. We had a deadline to finish reading it and writing the the review and my day of... Continue Reading →

Shuffle the music tag

Hello! Thank you to Mollie Westhead, the writer of molliewesthead.wordpress.com for tagging me to do this music tag. I hadn't heard of it before and I'm really excited to do it! So without further ado let's get started!! The Rules Mention the creator of the tag and link to their blog Thank the person that... Continue Reading →

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