One Foot Forward: 4 Tips to stay motivated to run

I love running , it brings me a lot of joy and honestly there’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you come home from finishing a run. But sometimes it can be hard to actually get yourself out the door to go for a run especially if you’ve had a few days off or are trying to push yourself to run a further distance..I have a couple of tips if you are feeling like this. It’ll be good for me to have a reminder for myself to look back on when I am in a bit of a running rut too.

1.Run with a friend: I’ve done this a couple of time and it can really be beneficial and quite fun too. It’s always nice to have company on a run every so often to shake things up. It’s nice to have a bit of conversation to enjoy on the run or have someone by your side as you overcome a new running challenge. There’s also the added incentive to keep up the pace when you are running with them especially if they can run fast!

2. Change your running route: I wrote about this in my last post for this series One Foot Forward. You can check it out by clicking on this link here: My motivation can sometimes be lacking if I’m running in the same area so I do enjoy running in new places or in places I haven’t run through in a while.

3. Think about why you started running in the first place: This can really help shift your running mindset. If I haven’t been enjoying running as much as I usually do I think about why I run and why I enjoy it ton help motivate myself to keep it up. I enjoying running because it gets me out of the house. It makes me feel productive and good about myself. I like being outside in the fresh air surrounded by nature and other runners. It’s also great headspace if I am feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. When I am doing a race I love the feeling of being surrounded by other people who are passionate about the same thing as me.

4. Listen to music or a podcast: When I am training I bring my headphones with me and I listen to my favourite songs. I’ve made a playlist on YouTube to have all my favourite workout songs in one place. Lately I’ve been really enjoying Spotify playlists especially because they are on shuffle so I never know what song is coming next which adds to the excitement! If I’m going for a short run I’ll listen to a podcast my favourites are The Good Glow and Happy Place. I’d recommend giving them a listen or finding your favourite music because it can really liven up your run and add a bit of variety to it to motivate you to run an extra mile or two.

How do you stay motivated to run? I’d love to read your tips and methods. Share them in the comments and we can all learn from one another. Let me know if you use any of the tips I have shared, I’d love to hear what you think of them!

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  1. Dinesh says:

    very good information about running.thanks for posting—

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GirlMasked says:

      No problem. Thank you for reading my post.


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