One Foot Forward: The importance of making changes to your running route

Running has become a big part of my life and I have really been enjoying it. There’s a great phrase I have heard many people say and I have also heard it many times during the VHI Mini Marathon Podcast Reasons to Run. Although sometimes it takes me a long time to actually get out the door to start running, once I do I feel a sense of pride, especially once I get over the one kilometre mark.

I love the feeling of getting out in the fresh air no matter the weather. I really like changing up my route and seeing new places on my run. My favourite place to run through is my local park. It’s just me, my runners and the outdoors. It’s always something to look forward to when you see different things each time you go running. Sometimes it can even put a smile on my face for a moment to see little things while I run. For example I usually notice different birds like sparrows and magpies and others that I don’t know the names of. Depending on the time of day there are usually lots of people running or walking in the park and it’s nice to exchange a smile with them as you go by.

If you are thinking of taking up running or are stuck in a bit of a running rut I would highly recommend from from one runner to another to regularly change up your route for a bit of variety. Even start thinking of your favourite places that are easy to get to. I’m a firm believer in the fact that your environment and surroundings can have a huge impact on the quality of your run. I don’t always run in the park. Sometimes I run around the outskirts of the village I live in or to the park and the village.

Running is a journey and some days you’ll enjoy it more than others and that’s perfectly okay. But making little positive changes to your run can be so rewarding. Maybe instead of going to the same place run to the opposite side of your town or research your nearest park and check them out by yourself or with a friend.

Where do you like to go running?

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  1. I run once a week. I am working up to doing it twice a week but I have a way to go yet! Keep writing x

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    1. GirlMasked says:

      Well done, that’s brilliant! Thanks so much x


  2. I hate running but I desperately wish I didn’t! Not only is in amazing exercise but I can imagine it’s incredible for your mental health too x

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    1. GirlMasked says:

      Yeah I find it is great for my mental health. It’s such a break, even just to get outside for a walk for a bit of air. I also find the gym helpful for clearing my head- can’t beat the outdoors though!!


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