Season of Stripes at Primark

I haven’t written a fashion post in a long time and I thought it was high time that I did! I bought a couple of t-shirts recently at Penneys and it was only after I bought them that I realised they all had something quite obvious in common: stripes! I must be really gravitating towards stripy clothing lately but I quite like it so I won’t complain!

The first t-shirt is costs €5.00. I love the different colours. They are so bright and vibrant and perfect for a Summer day out. I’ve paired it with navy jeans and a chestnut brown belt. Both I have had for a while now. The material of the top is soft, I tucked it into my trousers but it would be roughly the length of the end of my belt.

The t-short in the photo below was also €5.00. This time I paired it with black high waisted jeans which I purchased recently also from Primark for €11.00. I prefer it with black to navy jeans because the black jeans compliments the black stripe in the t-shirt. It also compliments the pinks and orange in the t-shirt.

And lastly this t-shirt is €4.00 and I like how it can be styled with light blue jeans or the navy ones I am wearing in this photo. This t-shirt is longer than the other two so I prefer to tuck it in. It goes well with khaki coloured shoes as well as blue ones either. This is perfect for a day by the sea!

Did you enjoy this fashion post?

I am very happy with my purchases and all the t-shirts only amounted to €17.00. I’ve enjoyed having the splash of colour in my wardrobe and it’ll be fun to wear them during the warm weather which I am hoping will come soon!

Do you shop in Primark?,Or Penneys as we call it here in Ireland!

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  1. sunshinesarahxo says:

    Hey! 😄

    I really liked this fashion post hun i love how each t-shirt went well with the trousers you chose. I love a good striped shirt myself & it’s so great to be able to pick them up so cheaply from good ol’ Primark! 😃

    Looking forward to seeing what you post next! X

    Sarah /

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GirlMasked says:

      Thanks so much, I’m so glad you liked it! You’re definitely right! I won’t be arguing with the prices! 😃 Thanks so much for reading my post X


  2. Bexa says:

    Stripey tops are my absolute favourite! I love your choices, so cute and colourful. I think my fave is the pink one – bright, vibrant colours make me so happy 😀 Primark do the best things at such affordable prices. Thank you for sharing, this has defo inspired a trip to Primark at the weekend! Fab post and lovely summery outfits! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GirlMasked says:

      Thanks so much, glad you like them too! They certainly do! Oooh hope you enjoy it! Thanks again for your lovely comment and for reading my post! 😁❤ xx


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