5 fabulous pieces of street art in Brussels

I went on holiday to Brussels just before Easter. It was my first time there and one of the things that struck me was the beautiful pieces of art on the walls. they were in the most random of places along the streets. They added a fair bit of colour and life to certain places especially as a lot of tourists, myself included, gathered around them.

There was a lot of graffiti which I wasn’t a fan of but the art really took me by surprise and I appreciated the amount of work and creativity that went into each piece. I have shared some of my favourite pieces below.

I liked all the different colours and how they were so different and vibrant. There were a lot of tourists queuing up to take photos in front of this wall and of course I joined in!

Having a good laugh!

I looked at these for a while, they were in such a random place but really brightened it up! I thought the turquoise and the purple went well together.

I thought the different shades of black and grey were really cool and it looked like the woman was looking at something.

This wall was my favourite. I adored the colours and how they were all so different.

Have you been to Brussels?

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