Little Thing 10: This series

Hi there,

This is the last instalment of this series and I am a little sad to see it end but I am looking forward to writing some new blog posts and another series in the future. I am planning to write a lot about fitness and running because this is something that I have become really passionate about.

This series has made me stop and reflect upon the good things in my life. It made me stand back and be grateful for all sorts of things: my friends, family, nature and more. It has helped me to look for the good in each day, in each week and in each month.

This has been hard to do at times, I will admit. Stuff happens and it can be hard to notice and appreciate the positive things. But I am so glad that I completed this series because it felt good to take time out of my day to think and write about what I am grateful for. By writing and publishing the posts on a Monday it was a good way to start off each week.

Just because I have finished this series it doesn’t mean that I am going to stop writing down what I am grateful for. I actually have a notebook where I write down the good things that happened during the day. It can add a bit of positivity to the day.

Do you make not of what you are grateful for? Do you find it helpful?

Thank you very much for following along with this series. Please let me know if you’d like to see something similar on the blog soon.

Girl Masked

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  1. nikita2829 says:

    Gratitude journalling is something that I try to do, a couple of bulletpoints a day goes a long way!

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    1. GirlMasked says:

      Yeah definitely, it does make a difference to your day! Ilike doing it. Thanks so much for your comment, sorry for the late reply!


  2. Enjoyed reading the blog above, really explains everything in detail, the blog is very interesting and effective. Thank you and good luck for the upcoming blogs.

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