Little Thing 8: Good weather and Nature


The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. It made a nice change from the usual dull grey skies we’d been having here. I went out for a run this morning in my local park and it was great to have not only dry weather but sunny weather as well.

I was tracking my run on the MyTracks app and listening to a bit of music when I decide it was high time I put down by phone to check my running stats and music and took in the lovely sights around me. So I stood there for a couple of minutes just to enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery.

The river looked lovely with the sun shining on it. There were even a couple of birds flying around. I felt grateful that I could get out and enjoy weather and the park. I was glad that it was sunny. Sometimes it’s so easy to take little things like the weather for granted and I want to be more aware and notice things like the weather and have more moments of peace like that.

I took a couple of photographs to look back on. I’m glad I took the time to enjoy that moment and just be grateful to be there; out on my run enjoying the weather and the pretty surroundings. I even saw some cherry blossoms on the way home.

Until next Monday,

Girl Masked

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  1. Jay Eliyos says:

    what a wonderful post. i really love to read this article
    keep sharing

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