My favourite Wintery outfits

Hi there,

I hope you are well and having a good November so far. This is my first fashion post. I’ve been thinking of doing one for quite some time but couldn’t find a piece of clothing that I was passionate enough about to write a full blog post about. I’ve decided to combine two looks together in this post.


Outfit One

I absolutely adore this outfit and I just happened to put it together by chance when I was in a bit of a tizzy deciding what I should wear to a night of one act plays in our local pub.

Trousers: The trousers are from Penneys. I got them last year around Christmas time. Penneys have such a quick turnover of stock so I sdon’t know if they will have them now but you never know they may get them back in at the same time this year. There are definitely some in the same style there but in different colours.

Boots: These are becoming a new favourite. There is a close up photo of them below so you can see them in all their glory! I bought them in Adi only a week or two so there’s definitely a possibility that there would be some left if you go and check soon! There’s a bit of a heel on them which is nice and makes them perfect for a evening event. The heel isn’t so big that you would be uncomfortable wearing them for a whole day in work or college, etc. I’ve tried this before!

T-shirt: My t-shirt is plain white and from Penneys, I don’t normally where a t-shirt under this blouse but it was a pretty cold day and I needed a little extra layer to keep myself warm! These t-shirts are nearly always in Penneys and they are usually three or four euro. Absolute bargain!

Blouse: This is from, yes you guessed it, Penneys! It was eight euro and I adore the material and design. It’s really comfortable and not too tight but not so loose as that it becomes baggy.

Outfit 2

This outfit is perfect for a chilly day which it certainly was when I wore it the day this photo was taken. I went to my local park with my family.


Coat: The coat is from ONLY and I adore how it matches my boots. It’s so comfortable and great for cold days. There is fur on the hood which is a lovely addition to the coat.

Scarf: This scarf was a present from my Mam’s pen pal so I unfortunately can’t tell you where to get one. I really like the variety of shades of blue mixed with white. I think it really matches my jeans. The scarf is long enough that you can style it a number of different ways.

Jeans: These jeans are one of my oldest pairs of jeans but they’re pretty comfy. They 15 euro and are from Tesco.

Boots: These are from Tesco and there is fur on the inside with makes them super warm and cosy. They cost fifteen euro. I wasn’t planning on getting these when I was in Tesco but they caught my eye and I couldn’t resist them!

Glasses: My glasses are from my local opticians but I have seen similar ones in Tiger. Mine have red frames on the inside and black on the outside.

Hat: My hat is Penneys finest yet again. I love the cream colour. I’m in need of a change of hat but this one definitely does the job! It’s warm and has the cutest bobble on top!

Bag: This was ten euro and totally worth it. I love the combination of colours. It’s perfect for almost any outfit!

Thank you very much for reading my first outfit post. I hope you enjoyed it! Would you like to read more like these here again?

Best wishes,

Girl Masked

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