Beyond Living Print Review #gifted


The people at Beyond Living kindly sent me one of their prints that will be for sale at their upcoming launch at the Top Drawer show on the 9th of September.

They sent me a large 61 cm x 91.4 cm print of the countries of the world which were organised in order of area. The countries are coloured in black and the background of the print is white which is a nice combination. The names of the countries were written under each picture.

The magnets weren’t as part of the package, I just needed something to hold down the print so I my holiday magnets; ones I got from friends and I bought myself.
It was certainly fun to look through the list countries and try and find the ones that I’ve been to and the ones that I am dying to go to. There was also a sheet of red little circles that you can place on the countries that you have visited if you wish. I thought this was a nice idea.


The print was wrapped very well and I was pretty impressed by that. They certainly put a lot of effort into it.

Included in the package was a little note on a lilac piece of card that said “Enjoy”. On the other side of the card was a crossword featuring places in the UK. The words were written in white and the background was black so in a way it matched the print itself. This was a nice addition to the package.


I’d recommend this print if you have a big space on your wall that you are looking to fill. Perhaps if you’ve refurbished a room in your home it’d be a nice addition to the wall and the colours are easy to match with other colours.

I’m absolutely hopeless at geography especially when it comes to where comes to countries, rivers, mountains and things like that so if you’re like me this print can be a bit of an educational one, not just a pretty print to hang on the wall!

I was happy to collaborate with Beyond Living. The package arrived quickly.

Have you trued any of Beyond Living’s products?

Best Wishes,

Girl Masked



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  1. This is absolutely stunning 😍

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  2. sophhearts says:

    This is so cute! I love travelling so this would be perfect for me, I’m just not sure where I’d put it!

    Soph – x

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  3. Hels says:

    Ahh what a love print and collaboration, this is such a lovely idea! It looks like a lot of thought went into it and I think it would be such a lovely addition to any home!
    Hels xx

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  4. Bexa says:

    The list of countries print is really cool! It’s great to be able to compare different counties with each other, its an interesting and clever idea for a travel poster. Thank you for sharing! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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  5. This is a lovely print 🙂 would look really good in a fairly minimal room! xxx

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  6. Such a lovely print! Definitely one that would make a great gift for someone who loves to travel! I like the simple but unique design, I’m sure it would work well in any room of the house! It’s great to hear that so much effort went into the parcel too, it always makes things extra special!

    Abbey x


  7. Ooh, I love that print! It’s so satisfying seeing them all lined up in size order. I haven’t heard of this company before but I’m definitely going to be checking out their prints!

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  8. This print is beautiful! I absolutely love travelling and currently have a black and white watercolour of the world map, but this would go perfectly with it! Ha ha I’m not good at geography either at all, so this would definitely help me learn a thing or two!
    Kate x

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  9. The print is beautiful and so something we’d have on our wall – we’ve already got a scratch map but it’ll be worth checking these out when they go on sale!

    Jessica & James | /

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  10. That’s a really nice print!

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  11. Bethany Jane says:

    This is a really cute print, it’s such an unusual way to look at the world! I think my husband would love something like this, might have to look into it for Christmas!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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  12. Clem Loves says:

    Love this! Such a cute and fun idea.
    Clem xx

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    1. GirlMasked says:

      Same here! Thanks for reading!


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