How fake are we on social media?


I’ve seen tweets about this floating around over the last while and I’ve been thinking about it for some time. It was only until the other day when I went out for a meal with some friends that I properly gave it some thought. The three of us went out for a meal and the catch up was definitely well overdue and I must say the food was divine. Maybe I’ll write a post about it! Anyway, back to THIS post!!

The group of us are notorious for taking photos of ourselves when we are together so we have some memories in the form of photographs to look back on. We were trying to the take a selfie of the three of us but it just didn’t seem to be working. One of the waitresses kindly offered to take the photo for us and we gratefully accepted.

There was a huge difference between the photos that the waitress took and the selfies that we took. It’s not just the clarity and composition of the photographs that improved but our expressions and how we felt about the photographs. I know this sounds a bit ridiculous but let me explain a little because this really struck me as something interesting.

When we were trying to take the photographs ourselves we were too preoccupied with trying to get the angle just right, make sure we looked okay and were smiling in a way that showed us in the best light. We didn’t really stop to just take the photo and forget about all the technicalities involved.

While the waitress was taking the photo she kept chatting to us and we had a great few minutes listening to her stories about the times when she takes photos with her friends and one of the things she said after we thanked her for taking the photo was: “It was no problem at all. I understand the struggle of trying to get a perfect photo. Sometimes they can be too fake”.

The waitress, ( I wish I actually knew her name rather than referring to her as the waitress) took a couple of photos for us and all of them tell a story and I absolutely adore them. She didn’t say “smile” or “say cheese” so we weren’t posing. What I didn’t realise was that she was clicking away taking photographs while she was speaking to us so the photographs are all very natural shots. In one we’re all just laughing our heads off. My head is thrown back at a funny angle to the side. One of my friend’s eyes are closed because she’s laughing so hard. But it doesn’t matter because back at the photographs will make me think of a really good time when we were just being ourselves and living in the moment.

I don’t put that many photographs of myself on my Instagram but I put this one up as I was pretty happy with how it made me feel. After I uploaded the photograph onto Instagram I flicked through the other photographs that I had of myself and started thinking about the other couple of photographs I have of myself or myself and friends. So much work goes into getting that perfect shot but sometimes a simple natural shot that may even be taken by surprise or accident can be the perfect photograph.

This got me thinking about the circumstances in which we post our photographs or other social media posts online. We can upload photos of ourselves having a great time on holiday, for example in our best frock, but when we’ve posted it we could be sitting on the sofa in our pyjamas. I’m guilty of this to be honest. I’ve posted a photo or two on Instagram of me on my holidays having a ball while I’ve been sitting at home having a rubbish day. I’m trying to be a little more open with my Instagram captions in particular instead of just writing a word or two so there is a little more of a story behind the photograph revealed to anyone who wants to read it while they’re scrolling through Instagram.

In all honesty I don’t think there’s a whole lot wrong with it, obviously I’m against lying through your teeth on social media but we can post photographs at different times and it is important to remind ourselves that everything isn’t as simple or as true and realistic as it may look on social media. Some people are quite open on their social media accounts and it’s quite nice to read about what they’re up to and other people are a lot more private and either way is totally okay.

I do think it is important to remember that not everything is as it seems on social media. Not everyone is as happy go lucky as their Instagram feed my portray them to be. I think there’s a bit of a difference between Instagram and Twitter in terms of the things that are said. Twitter seems to be the place where people come to vent whereas Instagram is like viewing the best version of the users lives. This is not the case for everyone, I am aware. People use social media for different reasons and post different things. This is just something I noticed over the last while and I’m by no means trying to say that everyone is the same.

How do you feel about social media these days?

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some food for thought. I enjoyed writing it although I may have rambled on a little bit!

Until next time,

Girl Masked




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  1. ofbeautyand says:

    I’m feeling a little frustrated with social media recently x

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  2. Lupe says:

    Social media can be tough to navigate, especially because it is so essential as a blogger to have some sort of self promotion, namely Instagram or twitter. I look at so many people which such beautiful pictures that I lose myself trying to get pictures like those or take pictures because they’ll look nice on the internet not because I necessarily wanted to. Its all a work in progress I guess

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  3. Bruna says:

    this is something that has crossed my mind so many times, specially when I’m hanging out with friends. I remember one time one of my friends forgot to take a picture of her meal before she eat like half of it and she was really upset about it because “it was for instagram”..

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  4. indistilling says:

    Love this so much it has really made me think more about social media and I’ve noticed that so many photos I see are so fake! It makes you wonder if anything posted online is even real xx

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  5. Lisa Rachel says:

    This is such a great post… and so true! I never thought if it before but I’m terrible at taking selfies and that’s probably why! I’m focussing more on getting the angle right whereas if someone else takes my photo I look so much more natural. I’m so pleased for you that the waitress got some candid shots of you laughing, every time you look back on them they will make you smile 🙂

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  6. glowsteady says:

    This was a really interesting read! I usually absolutely hate ‘posed’ photos that I take or a friend takes but I love the more candid natural shots. You always seem to look so much better when you’re not trying to look perfect? I don’t know how, but I wish there were more moments like that when someone got the camera out I loved reading this one x


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  7. Britt | Alternatively Speaking says:

    It’s important to remember that what we see online is someone’s ‘highlight reel’, the best moments of their life. However, that doesn’t include the struggles or challenges that they face along the way.
    Britt |

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  8. Shan Ellis says:

    Social media infuriated me. I can’t be anyone but me but I keep asking myself wow they’re so nice are they actually human? 😂😂 must be me and my cynicism lol

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  9. Bethany Jane says:

    I think you’re bang on with this. It’s so important to remember that no one’s life is as perfect as they make it look on Instagram. It’s also important to remember that the great moments in your life are for enjoying. I sometimes find I’m missing out on experiencing something because I’m too busy thinking about photos or how I could do a post about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking photos and I won’t stop taking them, but I’m trying to care less about the ‘perfect shot’ and care more about capturing an authentic moment.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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  10. I love natural shots (not that anyone ever takes any of me!) but I don’t think it’s being fake trying to take the photo yourself and getting an angle you like. There is a fine line though between real and fantasy when t comes to social media, especially Instagram. To be honest I prefer more natural Instagram accounts xx

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  11. This was a really thought provoking post, Kate! I definitely think that it’s an important message for people to remember that all social media is, in a way, edited. It can be all too easy to think that someone has the perfect life and is amazingly happy based on their Instagram posts alone, making you feel a bit rubbish in comparison. I used to be a lot more edited on social media as a teenager, I would untag myself from any unflattering photos and edit my pics a lot but now, I’m a lot more honest and open! Sometimes pictures where I don’t look my best get uploaded and I just shrug – it doesn’t matter too much after all! I’d rather be real and relatable than fake!

    Abbey xx

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  12. I absolutely love this new blog set up!!! I think social media is mostly just a high light reel.

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  13. I’m starting to dislike social media more and more as time goes on. It is too full of adverts and photoshopped pictures and shilling products just for the money.

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  14. Social media is a very grey area – it can be so great, but it can also be, as you sake fake! This is such a thought provoking post, thanks for sharing!
    Jessica & James | /

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  15. I found this so interesting – my group of friends and I are much the same, we really don’t like photos being taken ‘of’ us; and it’s a good / healthy reminder that so much of what we see on Social Media is ‘posed’ and ‘constructed’ in a certain way. It’s a confidence issue I think – I’m trying to get more confident and accepting of how I look in photos, especially as I love the more ‘candid’ photos you see! Super interesting post!
    Kate x

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  16. I hardly ever post photos of myself but I must admit that when I do, they have to be perfect to be able to post them. I hate seeing a photo of myself where I look really gross, so I only post ones that I like. I think most people are the same though! I love seeing candid photos of other people though so maybe I should relax!

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