Deep and Honest Q&A

Hey there,

I just love a good Q&A and I got inspired to this one by the youtuber Mark Ferris who did something similar a few months ago in a video and I absolutely loved it. Here’s a link to the video he did if you’d like to check it out:

I did some research and thinking about some deep and honest questions and here are the ones I came up with:

  1. What’s your philosophy in life? This question really got me thinking so I’ve come up with this: My philosophy in life is to be kind to others and kind to myself.
  2. What one thing would you like to change about yourself? I’d like to change how worried and self conscious I get over things that when are put into perspective don’t matter a huge deal and will be perfectly okay in the end. So that’s something that I’d like to work on.
  3. Introvert/extrovert? Definitely introverted. I love watching a good film or tv show on Netflix all cosied up on the sofa. I also love reading a good book in the library in one of the comfy chairs or in the corner seat of the sofa at home. I can be extroverted at times too if I’m talking about something I’m passionate about or with people I am comfortable with. I’m extroverted in some ways but overall I’m an out and out introvert!
  4. Have you ever lost someone close to you? My Grandad and my great Aunt who
  5. What’s on your bucket list this year? To go to a concert (which I have done…twice!!) , go hiking or out for a picnic with friends and take part in parkrun. Simple but yet all things that I would love to achieve and know I will enjoy.
  6. What’s your dream job? Oooh I have so many things that I would like to do but overall I would like to have a job that helps people in some way.
  7. What keeps you up at night? Usually things I’m worried about!
  8. What inspires you the most? When people follow their dreams and encourage one another.
  9. If you could know when and how you would die would you? Sometimes I think I would because it’d get me to do loads of things like climb mountains and but on the other hand I don’t think I would because in one way I’d like to let to nature take it’s course.
  10. What do you never get tired of? I never get tired of reading or listening to music/singing.  I love getting lost in a good story
  11. Who is your hero? My Grandad, love him to pieces and now I look back on all the memories I had with him when he was alive and appreciate them and all he did so much.
  12. When are you most confident? When I believe in myself and manage my worries and doubts, also when I am surrounded by people who love and support me and vice versa.
  13. Do you think it’s worse to fail or never try at all?Worse not to try at all. At least if you try, no matter how hard, you’ve tried and that’s amazing
  14. Is it immoral to do something wrong if no one would ever find out? Yes definitely, I know it may not feel like it in the moment but I do believe it is immoral because it is still wrong no matter if you get caught or not.
  15. Best advice you’ve ever been given? Be yourself!

Hope you enjoyed this little Q&A post! The featured image is a photo of me when I was on holiday in Budapest last year. Looking through my photos made me realise I don’t have many photos of myself to use, I’ll have to try and take a couple more photos soon! At the moment I’m working on a post all about my travels in London so stay tuned for that!

Until next time,

Girl Masked



  1. Great to learn a bit more about you through reading your answers to these questions, Kate! I always love open and honest posts like this, they always give you food for thought! I definitely would describe myself as an introvert as well, I definitely get my energy from being alone rather than from being with other people. Doing a park run is also on my bucket list, I’ve been jogging by myself for ages now but I’ve never actually done a park run and I’d like to see how I get on! I never get tired of getting lost in a book either, reading is such a lovely escape!

    Abbey xx

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