My Etsy Store


I’ve recently set up an etsy store and I’m delighted to share it here with you. Here is the link: I have been making cards for years for my friends and family, particularly for birthdays and Christmas. I’d been thinking of setting up an etsy store for quite some time and recently I did so.

At the moment there is just handmade cards on it which I will be updating frequently. I’m brainstorming more ideas for future products which I’m hoping will include knitted scarves and maybe some bookmarks.

If you’re looking for something handmade for yourself or someone else please check out my etsy store. All support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

If you have an Etsy store too feel free to leave the link in the comments and I’ll of course check it out and other readers can so too.

Thanks again,

Girl Masked



  1. Congratulations on opening your own Etsy store! That’s such an achievement, and I’m sure it’ll do wonders for your creativity, too. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with as the months progress!

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