Brilliant Handmade Make Up Bag


I’m back with another review post. Do you like these type of posts? I’m kind of getting into the swing of them now but I will try and shake things up regularly. This post is about a product that I am really passionate about. This post is gifted and I got sent this lovely make up bag from the lovley Aeyesha Jones. Aeyeshea Jones runs an etsy store and she sells her different crafts and jewellery and more on it. Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out:

The first thing I must say is that the package arrived so quickly which was great! Secondly the packaging itself was absolutely gorgeous. I’d never seen anyone make such a fantastic effort with wrapping a product. As you can see from the photograph the mak up back was wrapped up in the cutest black and white wrapping paper with a piece of wool wrapped around it. There were even a few sequins and sweets inside which were a lovely touch.



The make up bag itself was much better than I expected. The material it is made of is absolutely gorgeous and it had a lovely silky feel to it. I really like the different colours on the make up bag, they compliment each other greatly. There’s also a handy compartment inside the make up bag.

Thanks so much to Aeyesha Jones for sending me this make up bag to review, I was delighted with it! Don’t forget to check out her etsy store here:

And thank you for reading this post!

Until next time,

Girl Masked


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