Three quick and easy Mother’s Day crafts to make

Hey there!

So Mother’s day is just around the corner…tomorrow actually and I created this post to share with you some fun crafts to make for your Mum, grandmother, godmother or any mother like figure in your life this time of the year. I hope you enjoy the post. If you make any of these please let me know, I’d would love to hear about it!

I decided to make these little gifts for my Mam and Nana and I’ll give them to them tomorrow. They like handmade gifts and of course I love making them so I’ll give them to them tomorrow with one or two other little bits and pieces!


I made this card for my Mam because I know she loves tea and I think the pink colours were pretty cute. For this I chose pink theme but of course you can chose whatever colours you like. I also used a decoupage kit that I had and layered them up using sticky pads which I bought form Art and Hobby. The kit is called Santorio London and it has the cutest papers and designs.



I drew a couple of hearts on a A4 piece of paper and coloured them in using some felt tip brush pens that I got from Aldi. You can use any sort of pens, colouring pencils and markers that you have. Or paints! Go for it!


Arrange the hearts in any order like. I grouped mine in groups of three and some of four.


Next step is to cut out the hearts and place some sticky pads on the back of each of them and then put them on a sheet of card that can be any size you like. After that just draw some stems and you can draw a vase or put a piece of ribbon around them.

write a cute little caption on top!


I got this idea from pinterest. I changed the caption myself but they do have some wonderful ideas.[]=mothers%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=day%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=crafts%7Ctyped is the link for some lovely ideas on pinterest.



I then drew a picture of a bunch of grapes, inspired again by something I found on pinterest. Please excuse the not very good drawing haha!!


Hope you liked this post and that you have a fab weekend!

Girl Masked

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  1. rebecca says:

    These are so cute! Already sorted for tomorrow, will have to come back to this post next year!

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  2. Personalised gifts and cards are always the best, you simply can’t go wrong! They’ll love them for sure!

    Jessica & James | /

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  3. Handmade crafty things are the best gifts in my opinion, they really show that you’ve put in effort and they’re something that the recipient will treasure forever! I definitely need to head over to Pinterest for some crafting inspiration just like you have, the little heart flower bunch is just adorable and I’m sure your Mum had the biggest smile on her face when she opened this lovely card this morning! Happy Mother’s Day!

    Abbey xx

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    1. GirlMasked says:

      Aw thank so much, Abbey!


  4. _findingkate_ says:

    Awww I always love getting a hand-crafted gift, and I really enjoy exploring Pinterest for crafts to make is such a lovely way to spend a Sunday – and then trying to make them too is so much fun! I’m sure your Mam and Nana 🙂
    Kate x

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    1. GirlMasked says:

      Me too! Thanks so much!:)


  5. I feel like crafts are the best gifts! I definitely cherish any and all that my nephews make for me. I absolutely love these ideas thank you so much for sharing!

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    1. GirlMasked says:

      Aw that’s so lovely that your nephews make you handmade gifts. Thanks so much!
      No bother! 🙂

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  6. These are lovely and adorable. Thank you for inspiring me.

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    1. GirlMasked says:

      Thank you, I’m glad that you like them! No problem.

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  7. These are cute designs which can be adapted for other occasions, great ideas!

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  8. These are all so cute, and perfect crafts for kids to make! Thanks for sharing 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

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  9. Handmade or personal things always make the loveliest gifts! I don’t tend to hand make things because I don’t have the patience (or the skill) for it but I always try and go for something personalised 🙂 xxx

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  10. ofbeautyand says:

    Cute Mother’s Day cards x

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  11. I am a bit too late commenting for Mother’s Day but these could be some cute gifts any time of the year.

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  12. I love giving homemade crafts as gifts, but I just didn’t have the time this year! Hopefully will do next year though 😊

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  13. These are so adorable! I’m seeing this a bit late for Mother’s Day, but there’s always next year! 😀 I used to make cards a lot and I even bought plastic sleeves to start selling them, but never got around to it. Maybe I should start doing it again because I loved it. 🙂

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