Fabulous Vegan Fun: The Happy Pear Café

As you know one of my favourite things to do is to explore new places and with my love of food and delicious treats I also enjoy finding cute cafés and trying their food. I’ve been to the Happy Pear café a couple of times and I’ve been wanting to write about it for quite some time. After seeing another of their wonderful Instagram stories I decided it was high time I sat down and wrote this blog post. Before I begin though I must link their website: https://thehappypear.ie/ .

I’m not vegan myself but I do enjoy a tasty vegan meal. One of the things I really like about the Happy Pear is that they show the cooking process of their meals and how they grow their ingredients and their croissants and breads.

They recently opened their café in Clondalkin and it’s definitely my favourite of theirs. It’s so bright and vibrant and has a lovely warm atmosphere. There are quotes up on little blackboards and I haven’t met staff friendlier than in this place. I love how everything is so colourful there. As you can see in the picture below the seats are all different colours and their are big photographs on canvas are gorgeous and make it a really nice setting to enjoy your meal.

The inside of the café


One of my favourite things about the Happy Pear café is the gardens that are out the back of the café. They’re a lovely place to have a stroll before or after your meal. It’s actually a lovely spot for taking photographs too! Sometimes the Happy Pear organise classes. I attended their yoga class a little while back which was very well organised and quite relaxing I must say! Two yoga teachers came in and did some yoga postures and poses with us for an hour as well as some meditation. I would definitely go back and try another class or two!

Gardens outside the café
The cutest place to relax after your meal!




I’m personally not very adventurous with trying new food so I hadn’t tried half of their dishes before. The staff let us and others try a small portion of the dishes while we were deciding so that we’d know if we’d definitely like it or not. Each table had a jug of water on it too.

I went for breakfast on a Sunday morning with the family. I had some pancakes with fruit, I chose mixed berries. It was really delicious and tasted like a proper meal and were definitely not greasy or overly buttery. It felt good knowing I was having a healthy meal that tasted good and healthy too. Of course I had a pot of tea because where would I be without my pot of tea!

Yummy goodness!


I would recommend this place to anyone of all ages. There’s facilities for children too. There’s a room off the café area for an audio visual for both adults and children to learn about history. Their are interactive learning tools like electronic devices and jigsaws.

Lastly but by no means least I really admire the positive message that the café and the creators of it David and Stephen Flynn express daily through their café, staff and on their social media. I love how they promote healthy eating and cooking your own delicious meals and knowing exactly what ingredients you are using. As well as healthy eating I really admire how they promote positive mental health too. They have frequent Instagram posts about accepting yourself for who you are.

I honestly haven’t left that café feeling in a bad mood. There’s a great atmosphere in the place! They also have two other cafés in Greystones which are a few minutes walk to the beach.

Hope you enjoyed the review!

Until next time:

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  1. This place sounds absolutely fantastic, if I am ever in your neck of the woods I will definitely stop by for breakfast! Those pancakes look truly delectable, the fact that they are not overly oily or buttery makes them sound just perfect! The gardens seem lovely in your photos, I would love to attend a yoga or meditation class there as well!
    Abbey x

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