Three delicious Christmas drinks!


Costa White Hot Chocolate


I’ve been loving hot chocolate this Winter, perfect to keep you warm and feeling good!

I had this last year and I really enjoyed it. It’s quite luscious though so you’d need a bit of an appetite for it. I love the bit of froth at the top of the drink and my favourite part is the raspberry syrup which adds an extra flavour to it!

Starbucks hot chocolate

I very rarely go to Starbucks but there is one in my university and I’ve been there once or twice and I have to say their hot chocolate is absolutely delicious. It’s a great combination of both milk and chocolate and it’s a perfect drink for a cold Winter’s day. The whipped cream which I recently opted for is delicious.

Costa Billionaire hot chocolate

This drink has a delicious shot of caramel syrup mixed through it. I think what really adds to it is the whipped cream topped off with caramel sprinkles





I don’t usually go to Starbucks but I went yesterday with my friend as there is a Starbuck’s on campus and it was such a cold day that a hot drink was definitely needed. I went for a hot chocolate.

These are my favourite drinks this Winter season. I hope you have enjoyed reading about them.


What drink have you been loving?

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