The Wonderful Willow and Wild


So for an early birthday treat my friends from college treated me to lunch at Willow and Wild for my birthday. Willow and Wild have been open since September and after hearing a lot of good things about it was excited to go check it out.
The staff there were very friendly and helpful. There were seven of us and the staff kindly joined some tables together for us to all sit together without being asked. They even offered to take a photograph of us all on one of our phones.

We all ordered different meals. Unfortunately most of us would have opted for the Saturday menu as the food on it sounded delicious, sausage rolls, granola and yogurt with fruit to name but a few! But since it wasn’t Saturday we of course chose from the weekday menu. It would’ve been nice if there was a little more on the weekday menu but I suppose it did make the Saturday menu that extra bit special and made me want to go back again! As I wasn’t too hungry I ordered a Brownie and a pot of tea. Some of the other menu choices that my friends ordered were Chicken Reuben, Vegetable Reuben, Morroco Orange.

The Brownie was only delicious. The middle was soft and had a sort of chocolately sponge around it. There was a harder layer on the top with a sprinkle of icing sugar which added a nice touch. I’ll add a picture here.


The tea was lovely too and it came in the cutest teapot which matched the mug. The little milk jug was so dainty too.

The café was nice and quiet and we were able to chat to one another and relax with ease.

I would really like to go back to this café again as I would love the chance to try more of their cakes and one of their lunches. I love the you can get takeaway food too.

I’d definitely recommend Willow and Wild if you are looking for a tasty treat, a healthy lunch or both!

Until next time,

girl masked 


  1. Aw this sounds like a lovely place for a quiet coffee and a natter with your friends! The staff sound really friendly and welcoming which makes such a difference in my opinion! Although your chocolate brownie looks delicious, I’d definitely be tempted to head back for the Saturday menu too!

    Abbey 💗

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