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When I received an email from Jennifer Mariston wondering if I was interested in writing a review about the book Pot Love I jumped at the chance. Jennifer sent me a copy of Pot Love on kindle. We had a deadline to finish reading it and writing the the review and my day of the book tour is today; Wednesday the 28th of September.

sinking chef
Book tour!
The Sinking Chef Cover.jpg
Front cover of the book


This story features a girl called Ashleigh as I have previously mentioned who is a chef and has her own youtube channel called The Sinking Chef. Before meeting her partner Giacomo who is also a chef and owner of three Italian restaurants, she was unable to cook but her cooking skills grew and improved just like her love for Giacomo blossomed too. Tension builds when Ashleigh’s ex offers her a publishing deal for a cookbook and all sorts of financial and relationship struggles emerge from this sequence of events.

I really got used to the characters and grew to like and them and even love them as if they were real, like I did, you too could really fall in love with this book.

The only things that I found fault with were as I mentioned perhaps too much telling rather than showing and I also found that some of the characters exaggerated a little too much and their dialogue and descriptions could have been toned down a little particularly in regard to Ashleigh.

I felt that the book was a bit hard to get into at first but after the first quarter or so of the book the pace really quickens and the plot takes a few unexpected twists that I really enjoyed. I don’t want to spoil the plot for you but what I will say is that Ashleigh really grows as a person and the experiences that she goes through not only take her by surprise but the reader too.

Despite how the tone of the book takes on a slightly more negative tone as Ashleigh’s life takes a turn but I really love how the book wasn’t all doom and gloom after that. Instead the great sense of humor that the book initially had continued with greatness and I can honestly say that I was tempted to laugh out loud at certain points and I couldn’t really because I was either on the bus to college or waiting at the bus stop when I was reading this book!!

There were a variety of characters throughout this book and I loved the fact that they have very different personalities and this really added to the story and made it all the more exciting!

I would recommend this book to both teenagers and adults as I feel like it’s a book that can be enjoyed by all! If you’re looking for a good, exciting, light hearted read this book is definitely be for you!

I loved how modern this book was, for example there are very few books that I have come across have featured youtube let alone a youtuber as the main protagonist, this certainly made it a very interesting read!

At the beginning of each chapter there was a recipe for a different dish which I thought was an absolutely lovely touch as not only was it fun to read each recipe but I really felt that it linked in nicely with the common theme of cooking throughout the book. I haven’t tried these recipes myself and I could be wrong but I think they may be some of the recipes that were in Ashleigh’s book which was pretty cool!

A photo of the author


Giveaway (1)

Media Kit

Emma Smith Excerpt

The above are three links to a giveway organised by the author, the media kit and an excerpt from the book in case you’re interested in giving any or all of them a read.

A huge well well done to Sylvia Ashby for writing such a fantastic book!And thanks to Jenny Marston for getting in touch!

Thank you so much for reading this post!  I hope you enjoyed reading it. I’m thinking of writing more book reviews here in the future.

Until the weekend,





    1. Same here, I thought it was a lovely touch! Definitely agree with you about getting immersed in the story! Hope you enjoy if you do!


  1. What a quirky addition to have all the chapters start with a recipe! My TBR list is growing and growing – I wish I had some more free time so that I could really settle down and get stuck into a good few books! Good on you for sticking with it, too, I can be a bit useless sometimes if I don’t get in to the swing in the first couple of chapters so I admire your persistence!
    Kate x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I thought it was pretty unique! Same here, I’d love a few days to just relax with a good book or two. I’m really considering bringing a book for the commute to uni to get some reading done! Although my course is english literature so I am doing a lot of reading anyway haha!!
      Thanks so much!


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