Soundtrack to my life tag


Jas tagged me to do this and I am so excited to take part in this tag!

  1. Song you listen to when you are happy- Uptown Girl- It’s just a fab song to dance and sing to!
  2. Song you listen to when you are sad- Bop Bop Baby- Westlife
  3. Song you will have at your wedding- I have no idea!…..feel free to leave your suggestions!
  4. Song you dance around our house to- Cheap Thrills- Sia; I love the beat!
  5. Song you play on your headphones when you’re out and about-
  6. Song you listen t when you’re angry- Mr.Brightside/ Somebody told me- The Killers or Seven Nation Army by The Stripes because these songs have a fast beat that is a good rhythm for anger or pain
  7. Song you’d have at your funeral- As you go- Liam Lawton; this is just such a beautiful song
  8. Song that makes you freak out at a party- Happy-Pharrel Williams or Blank Space by Taylor Swift; both good songs to dance to!
  9. Last song you listened to- Biblia Be Ye Ye- Ed Sheeran; I went jogging and listened to this song and I love the great beat to it
  10. Your karaoke song- You belong with me- Taylor Swift
  11. What song do you exercise to- Alive by Ryan Sheridan
  12. Song with the most memories attached- I lived by One Republic; it was my secondary school graduation song and the lyrics are so meaningful in relation to my time in school and it carries a lot of memories of my graduation and school days.
  13. Song that makes you cry- Winter-Tori Amos; I love this song so much but the lyrics get me almost every time!
  14. Song you hate the most- Babushka- Kate Bush; I’m just not a big fan of Kate Bush’s singing
  15. Your favourite song of all time- Uptown Girl; I love this song, it’s so upbeat!


Thank you so much for reading my music tag post and I tag anyone who wants to to do this tag too. It’s great fun! So if you’re stuck for inspiration or just fancy doing this music tag please feel free to give it a go!

What’s your favourite song?

Till next weekend!





    1. Thank you, I’m delighted that you enjoyed reading it! Yes, it certainly is, I really like it! And yeah Cheap Thrills is great for dancing too! Oh yes, Ed Sheeran is a great singer! Thanks for reading!


  1. UPTOWN GIRL, SHE’S BEEN LIVING IN HER UPTOWN WORLD! Such a tune, it’s so upbeat and happy, I’m not surprised that it has featured so much on your list hehe! Cheap Thrills is indeed amazing to dance to, anything that you can boogie on down to is a winner in my book! Love a bit of Ed Sheeran too, we have so much in common music-wise! Great post, enjoyed reading it!

    Abbey 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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