Day 4: A traditional Hungarian evening!


This is the last instalment in my Budapest Holiday blog posts. I hope you have enjoyed reading them. I’ve certainly enjoyed writing them, it makes a change from writing my usual posts which was nice. But don’t worry, I have lots of new post ideas up my sleeve!

After spending some time with my friends the previous night they recommended some great places for us to go to.We went to visit a castle at the other side of the chain bridge by using the funcular which in case you didn’t know because I didn’t it’s a type of train that travels up steep hills. I hadn’t been on a funicular before but it was pretty cool and I’m glad I went on it as initially I was a little nervous of the height. It was a short journey up the the hill in the funicular which was quite small but comfortable.

At the top of the hill there was this gorgeous castle. The architecture was amazing. The castle looked like something from a fairytale. There was a lovely water fountain there too. You could walk for for miles around the castle grounds and I wish we could’ve walked further but the heat was just too much and it tired us out really quickly. I’d love to go back to Budapest again sometime but perhaps in early Autumn or late Spring so I could do some proper exploring!





That evening we got dressed up for our traditional Hungarian evening. The bus met us at the tourist office and we, along with the other tourists set off to our dinner. We were taken to an old wine cellar. It had been converted into a restaurant with a dining area and a stage for concerts. It was a set menu so we had some sort of soup for starter. It reminded me of a a sort of stew, beef and vegetables were in it and apart from having a spicy flavour I really enjoyed it! Dinner was chicken and vegetables with a sauce and dessert Β was an apple and cinnamon crumble.

While we were having our meal some musicians were playing on the stage beside us. They were playing the piano, the cello and the violin. There were dancers there too in traditional dress. They were excellent and great entertainment.



On the way back to our hotel our tour guide made one quick stop to a viewing point where we got to see the city of Budapest by night. It was a nice place to stop and take photographs.

This is the end of my holiday blog post series, thank you so much for reading them. My next few posts will be a mixture of blog posts, beauty posts (I’m trying something new!) and some mental posts. I hope you enjoy the variety!

I have a lot of collab posts planned with other bloggers which I’m really looking forward to. Myself and Shannon, writer of the blog are doing a collab Mental Health Questions and Answers post and we would love if you could tweet us some questions and we will do our best to answer them. Or you can leave your questions as comments here on this post too and we can use them in the post!

Until next week!




  1. hey there!

    I’ve loved reading about your trip and seeing these beautiful photos. I love exploring castles and reading about your day was really interesting.

    You always leave behind kind comments on my blog, and I’ve always been meaning to check your blog out (I mean behind a great personality has got to be an equally amazing blogger am I right) and I went all the way back to your first post and am making my way through your feed! It’s being such a lovely read and can’t wait to join you on your blogging journey from now onwards.

    I’ve just nominated you for this award awesome! no pressure to do it though! have a wonderful day

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, I’m so glad that you liked it.
      Aw thank you so much for your kind words.
      Thank you very much for nominating me!! 😊😊


  2. Ooh I was excited for this post when I read the title! I went on a similar traditional night when I went to Crete this year, and it was the highlight of my holiday! With dancers in traditional dress and live music and food, they really have a warm and happy atmosphere! I’m glad you had a great time.
    Hayley X

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