Day 2: Exploring Budapest


Thank you all for your kind words on my last post. I’m glad you liked it. Here is my next part of my holiday posts; day two in Budapest.

We had a lie in the next day as we were all pretty tired from the travel. After getting dressed and ready for the day we headed downstairs for breakfast. I must admit the breakfast buffet looked amazing! There was everything from quinoa salad to fry ups to cereal and fruit. As for drinks there was orange juice, water, iced tea and even champagne!

After breakfast we headed to the bus stop. Our tourist office had set us up with a hop on hop off bus so we could travel around and do some sightseeing. Our bus stop wasn’t a far walk, just on the big white bridge that I talked about in my latest post. As it was organised by our tourist office we could only use a specific sightseeing bus so we couldn’t just travel by any bus. We had to wait for a specific red bus with a cartoon giraffe painted on the side. Unfortunately it was a very long wait. Eventually we asked a bus driver in a passing bus if we were able to get on to her bus…it was worth a try!! Unfortunately she said that we were at the wrong stop but she would give us a lift two stops on to the stop.

It wasn’t too far but we still had a long wait for our bus. Despite the wait and the fact that our morning was well over we were determined to have a good day. The bus went on a really nice route around Budapest so I took plenty of photographs of the streets and sights. It was really great!






We then decided it was about time we stretched our legs and had a wander around a different part of the city. After getting off at a random bus stop we found a cute little stationary shop and of course we couldn’t resist going inside and having a look around. It was absolutely beautiful! I didn’t want to take pictures inside as it was a small little shop and the lady working there had very little English and it would be only fair to have her permission before taking any photos of her shop or her products. I did buy a lovely bookmark.

Next door to the stationary shop was a museum. It was made in honour of a Hungarian doctor and scientist. There were lots of different artefacts; cups and jars of all shapes and sizes. There was also a brief history of the life of the doctor. Unfortunately there wasn’t much written in English but it was nice to look around the different displays and read what we could.

Entrance to museum







Afterwards we walked back to the area near our hotel and got some street food at a market; chicken and chips. We went back to our hotel for a little rest. I read and planned some blog posts and generally just relaxed! I might have had a little nap too….just a little nap…haha!

That evening we got dressed up to go on our boat tour and I was really looking forward to it. It certainly lived up to our expectations, the views were absolutely gorgeous. I took lots of photos and I really enjoyed relaxing, just watching the world go by and taking in the beautiful sights of Budapest.





It was a lovely day and the weather was still very hot! It certainly made a nice change from the cold,miserable Irish weather that I’m used to!

That’s all for now!

My next post will feature a lovely evening that I spent with my friends exploring Budapest at night time!

See you next time!

girlmasked 20170627_190541.jpg


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you like the photos! I’m always carrying my camera around with me!! Yes, Budapest is fab! Thanks, hope you like it!


    1. It certainly is! I did, it was fab, thanks! Oh that’s great, we found it hard to find them, probably should have done more research before we went! Thanks!


  1. Such a shame about the massive wait for the bus, I’m very glad you managed to get there in the end! The museum you visited sounds right up my street, museums are often the first places I want to visit in a new city hehe! Great to hear that you had such warm weather too!

    Abbey 😘

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    1. Yeah, it really was! Thank you, so were we,it was a relief to get there! Yeah, it was nice to learn some history about the place we were staying in. Cool! I love getting to know cities better and going to museums too! Oh yes, it was so hot there!


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! The weather was amazing, around 27 to 30 degrees. Perhaps a bit too hot but it was lovely to have the good weather!


    1. Yeah, it certainly was! Aw thank you, I’m so glad that you them! Yeah I was delighted that we got to do that boat trip, it was definitely worthwhile.

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  2. That sounds like a lovely day. I have always wanted to do the boat trip in Budapest. Also, champagne at breakfast? That’s so fancy. Lol. I’ve never been to any hotel that does that. Sounds glamorous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was great! I didn’t think it was myself, we actually thought it was someone’s birthday!!! It was a nice touch though.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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