How I feel about graduating from school


At the end of May I graduated from secondary school. It seems surreal even saying that! 5 whole years in secondary school on top of 8 years in primary school are over. I’ve spent most of my life in school and it seems so not returning to school in September is going to take some getting used to.

School has it’s ups and downs for me but it’s safe to say that I really will miss it.  Primary school for the majority of the time was full of fun and excitement. To this day I’m still friends with one or two girls I got to know in primary school. I always liked playing skipping with the girls in the yard at break time. We also had a great teacher one year who read stories to us in the field at our school when the weather was nice.

Needless to say it was tough moving from primary school to secondary school was very tough. Luckily I got involved in a few clubs and made a few friends. As the years went on my anxiety and stress levels got increasingly worse and I started having more panic attacks and so I had to leave a lot of classes to calm myself down. That’s one thing that I won’t miss but always will frustrate me. I had a horrible row with a friend a few years ago in secondary school and a few upsets but other than that my years in secondary school were actually pretty good.

I’ve gotten used to the routine of waking up early going to school, going to class, having lunch with my friends and coming home and doing my homework as quick as I can to get some revision done and try relax a little before bed. Even though I’ve been sitting my exams; the Leaving Certificate I’m already missing the school routine and starting to worry what it’ll be like in September.

I’m hoping to study law and English in college which I am of course really looking forward to. No maths and geography! I’m very happy about that!! College has so many clubs and societies which will be great too and there’ll be lots of me people to meet.  I think this change is going to take a lot of getting used to.

I’ve have a nice group of friends and I do hope we keep in touch. I’ll miss seeing them every day. I’ve had one or two really lovely teachers that I’ll miss too and their classes especially our history teacher who made her classes so interesting.  On Tuesday I’ll be wearing my uniform for the very last time as I have my last exam; Spanish.

Our graduation was a beautiful ceremony. We had a Mass. I said a reading with a few other girls and the choir sang. Our whole year group sang I lived by One Republic which was really lovely. Our yearhead made a brilliant speech and that as well as the night a s a whole was very emotional. We had tea and biscuits in courtyard and I took lots of pictures with my friends, teachers and classmates.

I’ve grown up a lot during my years in school and it’s become a place that I’m really fond of and I’ll miss it a great deal.

On to the next adventure now!

Have you graduated recently?

Do you feel the same way?



  1. I was pretty much the same when I finished school! I hated doing subjects I didn’t like so sixth form was a better fit for me than school was x

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    1. Yeah it certainly is! Definitely a lot to look forward to as well as look back on and remember!!
      Thank you, glad you like it, and thanks for reading it! 😊

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  2. Just finished school at the end of May also! Will miss it so much and at the moment unsure where I’ll be next year :/ Our leavers was our form tutors doing readings about leaving and I did a singing performance flash mob of Rule the World and on stage did Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. I’m going to miss it so much – can hardly believe it’s over. Good luck with college 🙂

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    1. Yeah, it can be such a waiting game regarding exam results, job and college applications.

      That sounds like a brilliant graduation! Love the song choices too!

      Same here!!
      Such an end of an era!!

      Thank you, good luck with all your plans for the future too ☺

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      1. I know, it’s really difficult just not quite knowing your future at this point!

        It was really lovely and I’m so glad that we had that kind of send off! They really were great choices 🙂

        Ugh I’m going to miss it so much!

        You’re welcome, and thank you so much 🙂

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  3. I’ve seen on Twitter that you had your last exam today and things are officially over for you, so congrats! I hope your summer goes well. One of the worst things you can do is spend your summer worrying about your results so kick back, chill and spend lots of time with friends because once college picks up, it’s gonna be difficult to meet up as much as you used to (unless you’re on the same course/in college, and it also depends what you’re studying). Good luck with your results, though, I hope you do well!

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    1. Thank you!
      It’s such a relief that the exams are over, now just the long wait for the results!!
      Thank you, hope you have a lovely Summer too!!
      Ah thanks, yes, I’m really enjoying spending my time relaxing, enjoying the sun and spending time with friends and family.
      Yeah, a lot of us are going to different colleges so it’s going to be tough not seeing each other every day in school. Suppose we’ll have loads to talk about when we do see each other!!
      Thank you, I appreciate it!

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      1. My fingers are crossed for you–I hope the results are good! You’ve worked really hard so you totally deserve them.
        Oh yeah, definitely. There’s only one college where I live (lots of sixth forms, but they aren’t too popular due to bad reputations), so we’re all surrounded by one another, but we drift apart when it’s busy. It’s always nice to sit and talk about things when you haven’t spent time together for a while. 🙂

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  4. Leaving school is always a weird feeling as you get so comfortable there and you really will miss it but as you say, on to the next adventure and I’m sure college will be a great experience too (: Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Yeah, it certainly does feel weird, I’ve gotten used to going to school every day, seeing the same people, doing the same things.
      Aw thank you!
      No problem! Thanks for reading it!


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