Destressing tips

Hello everyone!

This post was received the highest votes on a twitter poll I did so I decided it was about time I got down to writing it! I have exams starting on the 7th of June so the stress levels are pretty high at the moment! We all have stress in our lives so hopefully this post will be of help to some of you too. Stress is a natural emotion but it’s really important that if it gets too much to try and to reduce it and you can do so by using the following tips:

  1. Exercise- This one can be a big help, I find personally. It takes a lot of motivation to get outside and detach yourself from your work but once you do getting outside can really help you see things in a better light. Even get out in the fresh air and surrounding yourself with nature for 3-5 times a week. I really like running or walks in my local park alone or with friends.
  2. Talk-Talking to someone about what’s bothering you can really help. After all, they do say a problem shared is a problem halved! Maybe in reality not halved, but you get what I’m trying to say! Even telling a friend or a family member or whoever what’s on your mind can really help. Just a friendly listening ear is good to have, regardless whether they give any advice or not. I think having support and knowing someone is there can make all the difference to anyone’s mental health.
  3. Do something you enjoy- sometimes a break from your usual daily routine can really help especially by doing something fun. That can be going out with friends to a cafe or going for a walk or calling an old friend that you haven’t spoke to in ages. Sometimes it’s nice to have a good gossip and catch up. Then there’s also the option of netflix and curling up on the sofa to watch your favourite show with a big bar of chocolate! I’m currently watching Last Tango in Halifax which I’m loving but if I’m in need of a good laugh I’ll watch The Big Bang Theory or Gilmore Girls.
  4. Focus on your breathing- This is something a lot of us forget to do but it’s so so important, not just when we’re feeling stressed. This can be done in the form of meditation or mindfulness. I’d recommend sitting in an upright position, crosslegged on the floor/sofa or just sitting straight but without your legs crossed as I feel it maintains a level of tension. Get rid of all distractions. You can sit in the quiet or have some background instrumental music playing, it’s up to you. I like to breathe in and imagine all my worries building up and then breathe out and imagine them all leaving my body, one by one. Counting each breath is a option too. I’d highly recommend the app headspace as it’s great for guided meditations to focus your breathing.
  5. Listen to music-There’s nothing like putting on your favourite song and singing at the top your voice and dancing round your bedroom to those tunes! All jokes aside I do believe that by listening to an upbeat song your mood can lift, even a little. I like listening to Rachel Platten’s music particularly Lone Ranger, Stand by You and Fight Song. They’re so motivating and inspiring. Who’s your favourite singer? I also like to make playlists to listen to when I’m feeling really anxious, I usually do this on youtube but it can also be done on spotify.


That’s all for now! I hope these tips can help some of you. Is there any other ways you like to destress?

If there’s any posts you’d like to see in the future please let me know in the comments or tweet me. My twitter is katehawkins99

See you here next weekend!




  1. Yess, this really helped! I get stressed really easily and so I think that mindfulness or concentrating on my breathing is a really good thing; I’m just trying to get the motivation to do things so exercise would help too!

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    1. So happy to hear that this post helped you! Yeah I find it can help. It’s tough for me to do it for long periods of time but even a little quiet time each day is so good. Same here!! I really want to get back into it. You’ve got this, Elm! ☺ Thanks for reading

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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like it! Sure, that’s a great idea. I actually read your comment a few days ago and have now planned that post. It should go up later today.
      Thanks for reading!

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  2. These are some great tips! It’s the end-of-year rush for a lot of people in education situations, so it’s perfect timing, too! The focusing on breathing thing is SO important; it’s so easy to hyperventilate when things get on top of you, that it’s always nice to have some breathing techniques to hand, even if you DO only use them in private.

    When my skin was better (damn you, stress!) and I could use soap/bubble bath, I’d love nothing more than a bath bomb or some Radox bath stuff, a few candles and a relaxing bath. Honestly the best way of destressing for me like, ever!

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    1. Thank you, so happy that you liked them. Yeah definitely, certainly exam time for a lot of us.
      You’re right there, it’s important to focus on our breathing. I really need to remember that myself.

      That’s a great way! Must so that more often myself! Glad it works for you! 😊

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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad that you liked it! I actually did a yoga workshop the other day and it was pretty good! Thanks, I’ll bear that in mind, might try doing yoga more often. No problem at all, thanks for sharing!! 😊


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