Darkness Into Light 2017


I hope everyone is doing well and is well rested after the weekend.

In the early hours of Saturday morning myself and my Mam and my close friends went to the next village to do darkness into light. It was my very first time doing this walk and I was absolutely delighted that I did. Before it began everyone gathered together and listened to the local gospel choir sing which really raised our spirits. One of the organisers gave a really positive and motivating speech regarding the walk and mental health in general.

Walking together brought us all together, a sense of unity that I have never felt before. It really made me feel that progress was made in raising awareness for mental health and that stigma was well on it’s way to be reduced although a gradual process. I was delighted to see such a wonderful turnout.

Have you ever done Darkness into light?

It was truly great to see it get bright so early in the morning and I was proud of myself for getting up early and doing it. I loved the peacefulness about the whole thing. ย It made me so happy to see everyone out together campaigning for such a worthy cause. Our mental health is so important and it is just as important as our physical health. If you yourself are struggling or know someone who is,reach out. The rate of suicide in the world as a whole is far too high. That is why I am so proud that we have events like Darkness into Light to raise money for an important charity like Pieta House to help those who are struggling with their mental health and gives them the help that they need.

I look forward to doing Darkness into Light again next year.

Best Wishes!





  1. I’ve never heard of a walk like this before, and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing like this local, but it’s so good that you took part! The way you say you all came together sounds really awesome too; it’s great when you’re surrounded by likeminded people, isn’t it?

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    1. Aw thank you!
      So glad you liked it!!
      Thank you so much! It was hard to take many clear pictures as it was so dark and there were lots of people rushing by!!


    1. Thanks, it was! It’s held in most towns in Ireland once a year by the charity Pieta house which supports families affected by suicide and mental health. Anyone can come along to support. It starts at 4:15 in the morning and we met at a local college and walked 5km around the town. At the beginning a choir sang and a speech was made from a representative from Pieta house. We all received t-shirts for doing the walk after we made the required donation to Pieta house and all money went straight to the charity. Afterwards there was tea and coffee. We saw the sky go from pitch dark to bright. Hope this explains it better!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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