It’s okay not to be okay

Hey there, I'm writing this curled up on my bed while watching one of the recent videos from PointlessBlog/Alfie Deyes in an attempt to distract myself from my racing anxious thoughts. I wasn't feeling amazing this morning but I was feeling relatively okay. Then a couple of different things happened throughout the day that really... Continue Reading →

Blogaholic Award

Hi! A huge thank you to Anna Regina of the blog for nominating me for this blogger award! List the rules Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog (it can be to the post in which they nominated you or any other post you can even link to... Continue Reading →

The Identity Tag

Hello! I'm delighted to say that I was nominated by for the Identity Tag and this post will be dedicated to answering the questions and at the end I will nominate some bloggers to take part in the Identity Tag too if they wish. If they made a song about your life what genre would... Continue Reading →

2016-2017 Tag

Hello my lovely readers, I got nominated for another tag by  the amazing Elm and here are my answers to her questions. I will leave a link for her blog which you should definitely check out if you haven't already. Q1. Describe your 2016 in three words: Challenging Memorable Exciting Q2. Write the names of two... Continue Reading →

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