Day 21: Your greatest accomplishment


Long time no see or should I say long time no write!

The last few weeks have been tough, my mind has been all over the place and my anxiety levels have been pretty high. Hence the lack of blog posts and lack of motivation. As soon as this challenge is over I’m planning to write a post or two explaining my anxiety a little more as I do realise that I’ve just jumped straight into mentioning it once or twice on my blog.

Anyway back to todays challenge!

This is a tricky one as one of the few things I hate is talking about the good things I have done or what I ma proud of since I find it difficult to be proud of myself. What I am going to say is that I have being happy that I got on an aeroplane for the first time last summer something that and still does terrify me. I also won an award or two in school. Last year I won the Le Cheile award which means together and is for generosity of spirit and kindness, etc and I was so shocked and thrilled but also equally for my best friend who got nominated for this award too and who totally deserved to win it.

On maybe a more serious note I am lately becoming more proud of myself for talking more freely and openly about my mental health and how I am actually feeling. I’m slowly but surely being more honest with myself and with others and its really starting to help me in the long run particularly as I’m not hiding how my anxiety affects me anymore and since I wrote about it here. If friends or teachers ask how I am I’ll sometimes feel a little braver than before to say actually I’m not doing too good today.

This may not seem like much to some but for me this is a big step and I’m pretty pleased about it.

That’s all for now, sorry it’s a little on the short side but where I ma it is 10:30 pm and I’m determined to be in bed by eleven, I as usual have an early start tomorrow and am going to have to logout now.


hope everyone here in the blogosphere is keeping well!!

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  1. I really do hate anxiety too hun, it’s a horrible thing to live with and gets in the way of everything. I really hope you start feeling better soon. I have been feeling very low and anxious really and it’s horrible when you can’t get out of it. If you ever need to talk, don’t hesitate in sending me a message. xx


  2. I really hope your anxiety gets better soon. But well done about speaking out about what you are proud of, I am the same I don’t like speaking out about what I am happy about but I think we should do it from time to time to show ourselves how far we have come. Xxx


  3. Elm says:

    As ever, I’m incredibly proud of you for speaking up more. You can always talk, no matter if you find it hard to be proud of YOURSELF.


  4. I really hope you feel better soon! Such a powerful message in this, my greatest accomplishment is definitely creating my blog, as I am very happy with it and every one that’s supports me!xx


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