Day 8: Your fears

I have lots of fears! I think we all do to be honest no matter how big or small we decide they are. I'm also starting to realise that having fears is completely natural and we shouldn't knock ourselves or anyone else for having fears even though they may differ from our own fears. Everyone... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Dream Travel Destination and why?

This one I can definitely answer!! Despite my last post in which I mentioned wanting to visit Seville my number one wish would be to see the Northern lights. I'm not sure what exact country they're located in...somewhere in Scandinavia I think. Imagine being able to see such beauty in front of you..I think I... Continue Reading →

Day 4: A happy Memory

Ooooh I've so many it'd difficult to chose just one!! I suppose that's a good thing, isn't it?! It means there's happy times to look back on and reflect upon. Happy memories are great and I'm glad that I have so many to enjoy and I hope I will have many more in the future.... Continue Reading →

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