My New Year’s Resolutions

Hello my lovely readers!

Happy New Year!!

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s 2017 already.

My new year’s resolutions are s follows:

  1. Keep a diary
  2. Exercise at least twice a week
  3. Study something no matter how small each day
  4. Be a bit more decisive


I’ve decided by posting them here I will feel a bit more motivated to fulfil them. I always seem to get a diary from someone as a present for Christmas and I can shamefully say that the longest time I’ve written in one is till near the end of January!! So no matter how small i will write something each day. I’ll keep you posted (pardon the pun if you can even call it one!) on how it is going!!

The second one isn’t for some unrealistic hope i have that i will get fit. Nope it’s just for me and me alone to take some time out for at least twenty minutes to admire nature and get some space and time out from the busy world.

Stress has prevented me from studying as much as I would have liked in the past and with exams coming up I want to get a bit done every day to build up my knowledge but to also reassure myself that I am doing well and that I can do well.

If you know me you will know I am a very indecisive person. Will I go for a walk? Will I call a friend? Will I wait or will I go? Should I wear this or that? Some of this is anxiety related but in general I have always been a particularly indecisive human being and although I am not expecting miracles it is something I intend to work on.

That’s about it for the new years resolutions unless I sporadically decide to make more. Oh I’ve just thought now actually, seriously i did, no joke, of another one. I’m tempted to have at least a half an hour before bed without going on my phone… hmmm i dunno how that will work out haha! It’s apparently recommended for better sleep and a better mindset so sure maybe i’ll add that to the list. Why not haha!

Have you made new years resolutions this year? If so what are they? Feel free to share them in the comments below. You never know we may have some in common!!!

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