Study tips and tricks


So I’ve been doing a bit of studying lately. Next June I will have big exams for the last year of school that is called the Leaving Certificate. Anyway over the last few years I’ve accumulated a couple of tricks I use when studying and I thought dedicating a blog post to this would be the perfect opportunity for me to share them with you. So without further ado here they are:

Goal Setting

This is pretty important in my opinion. If you have something to set your sights on something in order to achieve your personal best. For me I find it’s best not to set too many goals as it can get overwhelming and it’s just too many goals to achieve at the same time. Also your goals must be achievable, something you can actually aspire to work for. They also must be specific. Instead of saying I want to do well in History you should specify exactly how well you want to do such as I want to get a B in our midterm test to improve my percentage grade by 10%. Something like that anyway… and adapt it to suit yourself.


Get rid of distractions

To even attempt to study you must get rid of all distractions. I mean it. I know from experience that if you don’t get your phone, computer, etc out of the way or keep the turned off it’ll be pretty hard to concentrate on your studies. This leads me onto my next point…..

Time Management

It’s very important to keep track of the time you spend studying. Two hours studying without breaks will do you no good in comparison with forty minutes of studying with two five minute breaks in between. Breaks are great, you can check up on social media, watch a video on youtube or make a cup of tea. But what’s just as important as breaks is making sure they don’t go on for longer than they should. Then no studying at all gets done!


Just because you read something once or twice doesn’t mean you wont forget it! So make a little plan to look over your notes every so often. Perhaps once a week then the next month, after three months after six months. If you have a big test then review them more often of course!

Stay Positive

Studying can take a lot out of us and can get us down; what with so much material to learn and essays to hand in by certain deadlines. The best thing one can do in theses tough times especially around exam time is to remain positive. Try not to feel like you can’t do it instead say to yourself although I am finding this a bit difficult I can manage it, I can do it.



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