What is “productiveness” and how can we achieve it


So in my last post I wrote about feeling unproductive and that got me thinking about what productiveness really is. So I did a bit more thinking and some research and I came to the conclusion that productiveness is achieving what  you wish and getting things done and seeing results. Sounds like pretty scary stuff, right?

So, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get around the idea of how daunting the motivation of being productive is. It’s hard to describe but all I can think of is that the thought of doing so much is making me fearful because I’m afraid of not getting it all done in time or doing it wrong.

I think the key is taking things one step at a time in order for things to get done and rewarding ourselves for what we have done. Take for instance making your bed, okay now I’m sounding incredibly lazy but anyway… Apparently there’s a theory that if you make your bed the minute you get out of it you are set up for the day and it’s supposed to have a positive impact on your day. I have feeling it’s got something to do with sleep time being over and it being time to actually get dressed and do stuff!

I’ve gotten sidetracked once more!

Getting back to the point….Productiveness! …. okay so my own theory is that although the bed making thing may not work for all of us we can certainly develop our own habits and tricks. For example what sometimes works for me is working to do lists in reverse. Instead of writing to do lists sometimes I like to write lists at the end of the day summarising what I did that day. It makes me  feel a bit better to see and count all the things I did that day. Maybe that might work for you?

I began to feel a bit bad about myself for shaking things up but someone once told me that “it’s not failure to make life easier” and it’s quite true even though we may hate to admit it. Changing things up a little to suit us in order to have a productive day is perfectly fine actually it’s more than fine, it’s great!

What do you do to help you be more productive?

There may be a long road ahead but you can make it

By the way the featured image is a zoomed in picture of a light up candle. I don’t really know why I chose it but I think the colours start of rather cool and then become quite warm which symbolised the journey to achieving great things!

Have a good day!



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