Why I haven’t been blogging


Hope you’re all doing well!

I haven’t been doing as much blogging or doing it as well as before, as you may have noticed, hence the title. So, I felt like things were going relatively well. I was writing and you guys were reading and that was amazing and I really appreciate that by the way! I was writing about my holiday and then I got to the stage where I was reminiscing on all these positive memories and wished I was back then.

The mere thought of thinking back on the good times made me think that I had such a great time and I could share it but then in comparison to all the posts I had in mind they seemed pretty bad.

But just yesterday I was at a writing group and did a lot more writing than I had in a long time and got some positive feedback on what I wrote and I had a change of heart. Especially a lovely comment I received a couple of minutes ago made me think that the little things in life make big difference.

In other words I’m going to get back to blogging. One of the vloggers I occasionally watch say “Lets be productive today, lets be positive and have a good day” I can’t exactly remember the words but it definitely goes something like that. And you know what; that’s exactly what I want to do!

Writing and reading used to be my passion. But then when life got they both seemed to go by the wayside. It’s Summer now and I feel pretty disappointed that I haven’t been as productive as I had planned to be. I have around eighteen days till things pick up again and get hectic. So the plan is to make the most of these days and do as much as I can at my own productive pace with as little stress or pressure to see more results as I can.

I don’t know how this is going to work or how I will do it. There may possibly be a few more holiday snaps and synopsis’s from it, books I’m reading, stuff I’ve bought or maybe just how I’m feeling or what I’m up to! Anyway whatever it is I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again!SAM_2566


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