Holidays 3: Day trip to the Dolomites


Today we had to rise early to get our bus to the Dolomites. It was quite a long journey. We were greeted by our tour guide at the bus station at 7:30am. I slept for a long period of time at the beginning of the bus journey as I was quite tired from the day before. I think the heat was getting to me as well as the late nights!

The tour guide began to share with us information about the history and geography of the region we were visiting.

There were numerous stops along the way, to give the bus driver a break and for us to do some sightseeing! The first was to a garage to stretch our legs, use the facilities or purchase some last minute provisions for the trip!

The second stop was to a little village. Unfortunately I can’t remember the names of any of the villages except the Dolomites which to be honest is more of a mountain range I think! Most of the names would have naturally been in Italian which I don’t speak so as you can tell the language barrier made things a little more difficult! Maybe if I ever go back to Italy, which hopefully I will,, I will learn the language. Anyway the village was a quaint little place with a wide variety of cafes and souvenir shops.

After a long period of driving through twists and turns and sharp bend, 27 to be exact, we arrived at the Dolomites. Our first stop was the cable car station. Everyone inside the cable car was both nervous and excited as from watching the other cable cars journey upwards it was clear that it was quite high up. I said to myself if I can get on a plane I can get on a cable car and it worked a little despite the frustrating anxiety I had during the journey up and down and while being on the mountain!

At first when we arrived at the top of the mountain we felt quite disappointed because we could see nothing but fog. After walking around the opposite of the mountain the fog wasn’t half as thick and the view was breathtaking. I took so many photos and to my amazement there was snow! The strange thing was we weren’t freezing and the snow wasn’t terribly cold to touch. I don’t know, it probably had something to do with the different climate. I wasn’t exactly dressed for walking through snow so I didn’t venture too far so I spent the time enjoying the view and feeling happy I was there, as well as taking a few selfies to remember the moment!

After exiting the cable car on the way down we headed to a nearby restaurant for lunch which was fab!The journey back was long as was expected so of course we stopped of at another sweet village which was pretty famous in the area for it’s prestigious wood turning skills and the products they produce. It was lovely to have a meander round the shops and admire the view once more. To be honest Italy never seemed to disappoint with it’s beautiful scenic views! I could get used to this!

The view from the bus window
A pic of one of the villages we stopped at
I was intrigued by how low the clouds were so I had to take a picture of it, although it was unfortunately through the bus window again!
The village
Another cloud I found interesting. As you can see I quite like them!
We had a quick pit stop for a photo at a viewing point and this is what we saw!
This is where professional skiers train for the Olympics!
A close up shot of some pretty flowers in the village
The cable car station
Look how high the cable car goes!
View from the mountain
Fab view at the top of the mountain
The top of a church in the second village we visited 
Some of the wooden figurines produced there
So cute!
The top of some buildings in that village, I quite liked them!



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