Happy Holidays


I hope everyone is keeping well.

I was away on holiday for the past week. While I was away I wrote accounts of some of my favourite days. I will post them over the next few days and I hope you enjoy reading them!

I think Summer holidays are something we all greatly look forward to whether we’re adults or children. It’s a wonderful opportunity to relax by yourself, with family or with friends. It’s great, I think to take a well deserved break from work or school.

I really enjoyed my holiday to Italy, I especially liked the sightseeing aspect of it and having the opportunity to catch up on some photography by getting some interesting shots of buildings and scenery which I hope to figure out how to post here! We went on many tours so I’m quite tired now but I’m content with myself and the experiences I had while I was away. It was certainly an unforgettable trip!

I hope you have enjoyed or will enjoy your Summer holiday. Or if this year you’re not going on holiday but are taking a few day trips around your local town or country, that’s always nice too, so enjoy!

Anyway I look forward to uploading  written accounts of my adventures and look forward to hearing your feedback as always!




The above are two of the pictures I took. I’ll post more that correspond with each post over the next few days now that I’ve figured out to use a bit more of this technology! I’ll definitely try and explore it a bit more to try make this blog as interesting as possible!

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