Ireland- A nation of tea drinkers!


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Are any of you a fan of tea?

To be honest I love a good cuppa myself! The work I’m doing at the moment requires me to sit in  corridors supervising for long periods of time. I’ve been making and washing countless cups of tea for others and by the time three o clock came I was dying for a good old cup of tea myself.

Due to the hot weather that’s amazed us where I live, I’d been drinking plenty of water but nothing could beat the taste of that cup of tea I savoured. Actually I’ll be honest I had two cups of tea. In a row. I couldn’t help it! Some habits are just not meant to be broken!

I sat down feeling quite pleased with myself and sipped my tea contentedly, dunking the occasional digestive biscuit in! I had a fairly nice view out of the window so that made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Are you like me and like a cup of tea in the morning and the evening and perhaps before bed too?

I personally like mine quite hot so I can enjoy waiting for it to cool down. I also like quite a fair bit of milk in mine and no sugar.

Anyway I don’t know what exactly this post is to be honest with you! perhaps a rant? Or maybe it’s a whole load of waffle? I suppose now you’ve got the opportunity to gain an insight into one of my many habits!












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